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Red River Aging and Disability Resource Center is dedicated to providing information on housing options for people who are older and people with disabilities, so that they may choose where they want to live. There is a huge need for additional affordable, accessible, integrated housing in the counties we serve. We work diligently to establish relationships with various housing providers, encouraging the expansion of housing opportunities.

In addition to providing information on affordable, accessible, and integrated housing options, Red River Aging and Disability Resource Center also furnishes information on providers that may offer accessibility/home modifications, emergency and homeless services, helpful rental and homeownership tips, home repair programs, housing search assistance, resources to assist Veterans, utility assistance, lead removal/weatherization, and other housing related resources.

Housing Helpful Links:

This website directs you to affordable housing resources such as Vacancy Clearing House that can assist locating an apartment in your preferred community by way of city, county, and zip code.


This website if for tenant and landlords. This site allows you to enter your preferred city, state, and zip code to locate Section 8 rentals.


The affordable housing network allows you to type in a location and pull up affordable housing in your area.


This website you can find affordable apartments according to specific are.

Click on “Help for Texans” or “Vacancy Clearing house”



Once at website, go to Resources tab, and click on the first resource “Affordable Apartment Search”.